Build Specification

Our preferred hull and superstructure supplier is Alexander Boat Builders, who provide us with a steel hull and superstructure to your preference. 

Many customers opt for bottom 10mm, sides 6mm, cabin sides 5mm and top 4mm.

build specification  build specification

Alexander provide a modern looking hull and superstructure that meets with your preferred criteria of cruiser, semi-trad’ or traditional style.  However should you prefer a more traditional style of hull, perhaps based on an old working boat or tug shape, then we can source this from specialist builders.

You choose your preferred window type and style based on your cruising/live-aboard needs.  Our standard window size is 36" or 15" for a porthole; though alternative styles are not a problem.  Indeed 18" portholes are becoming a very popular choice.

Double glazed units and/or units with top hoppers are also available.

Most customers opt for a combined action of windows and portholes.

Should you want a more traditional looking window, then again we can work with you to source the window that meets with the vision you are seeking.

Window Coverings
On the inside customers opt for a wide selection of coverings.

blinds curtains

Whilst for windows Roman blinds are a popular choice, for portholes customers typically select bungs or our wooden shutters.

shutters bungs