Before adding the interior décor, we spray foam our interiors to provide maximum insulation.  We will also discuss and apply in line with your needs insulation under the floor covering, an area neglected by many of our contemporaries.

We then offer en extensive choice of interior finishes in line with your preferences.  These can range from polished panels with contrasting or matching trim in traditional oak or ash, through to the more exotic woods of maple and walnut.

Alternatively we can apply stained or varnished finishes to these woods and also apply a match wood finish in lieu of panels.

decor  wood decor

interior wood interior

Some clients prefer a painted finish in order to give their interior a light and airy feel.  Others require the base sides to be textile lined for extra warmth and cosiness.

A range of floor coverings can also be applied to compliment these effects and also stand up to client’s expectations.  Some like their living and bedroom areas to feature deep and sensuous pile, others opt for a Hessian style carpet so combining warmth and practicality, although even deep pile carpets feature stain resistant qualities.

Other clients opt for wooden floors, either in natural wood or hard wearing vinyls that emulate exotic grains and textures but withstand the inevitable wear and tear of cruising footwear, pets, bathrooms and general domestic chores in the galley.

Alternatives include tiles, stone including marble, slate and other natural materials or vinyl, which again excellently simulates these natural materials but with a cost and in some cases maintenance advantage.

Whatever your preference we work closely with you to ensure that you achieve strong texture and colour to your beautiful interior.

shutters shutters

Window coverings can be another statement within your boat, as we can install curtains set on wooden or brass poles with matching retainers; bung cushions in portholes; blinds, roman blinds being a popular choice here as they are both compact and give a clean chic edge to your windows.

 blinds window coverings

We can also offer shutters, so giving your boat a cosy alpine feel.  These are particularly attractive when decoration is applied such as traditional canal roses or more contemporary yet complimentary scrolls.

shutters curtains

All of our vessels are wired up for the usage of 240v appliances, the power source either coming via an invertor, generator or shoreline hook up.  Switches and sockets are usually in a brass or silver finish to match light fittings and the overall colour theme, though if a slimline white finish is preferred then this is what we install.