External Features

semi trad cruiser

The 3 basic design options are:
Cruiser Stern – This gives you a large back deck over the engine compartment and is excellent for socialising as crew and steerer can all be together.
A guard rail features along the back deck and sides, which usually doubles to provide seating, as bench seats with/without detachable cushions can be added.

Semi-Trad – This boxes in the cruiser stern to give the look of a traditional boat but the bonus of crew able to sit with the steerer within a sheltered seating area.  This area then doubles as storage after a day’s cruising; if combined with a canopy it can serve as a very useful area for drying wet clothing etc.
A guard rail can still be fitted around the very back counter.

Traditional – Here the steerer stands on a small back deck and can even shelter the lower part of their body within the cabin if the weather is adverse.  The additional cabin space comprises an engine room, which can provide excellent storage, especially of wet clothing.

The front deck provides an external area, which people will often use for intimate dining as many opt for their living area to open out onto this space.

All our vessels come painted in a colour scheme of your choice.  Usually this comprises solid colour with edging.  The roof and gunwale are finished in non slip.

We apply multiple layers of paint and polishing to give a beautiful, long lasting sheen.

Should you require further sign writing and features then this can be arranged.

exterior exterior

Canopies and Covers
If you would like canopies for the front and/or back deck areas then we can arrange. Options including skirts for the back guard rails, weather protection covers, or canopies that provide an extra room/storage area facility.

canopy canopy
Useful Aids
Traditionally your boat will feature cleats on either side of the bow and stern for mooring lines.  However many handlers find a central T cleat very useful when waiting for locks, or mooring temporarily for water etc.

We can discuss your boat handling needs with you and seek to apply accessories that will make this job easier, especially if you have no crew or a small crew.

We can also add the latest in modern technology such as bow thrusters for flexible maneuvering.