Heating and Lighting

Most of our clients want the ultimate warmth in terms of a multi fuel stove that they can light on a very cold day plus radiators to ensure that if they use during the winter they will always have a cosy warm interior.

Multi Fuel Stoves:
A popular choice is the Adena from Peartree Products because it has been designed specifically for a narrow boat interior in terms of both space saving and kw output.

At 3kw, the Ardena will give you the warm cosy feel sought but also ensure that your heat is manageable; there is nothing worse than a stifling hot cabin that you cannot cool quickly.

Its triangular shape makes it both very attractive but also space friendly, as it neatly tucks within a corner.

Its modern, sleek lines complements the modern décor that usually feature within our boats but should you be opting for a more traditional interior, then we can provide a stove that matches this theme.

stove  stove

We link our radiator system to a calorifier, so that your central heating is powered by your diesel as opposed to your gas supply.  This makes it a safe system to leave switched on when away from your vessel.  The presence of an Eberspacher means that you do not have to have the vessel running when using the central heating.

Our most popular radiator choice is the georgian, if however a more contemporary style is preferred or you would like a plinth system, then we can sort accordingly.

Within the bathroom and laundry areas we typically fit heated towel rails.

radiator  towel rail

A shoreline facility also means that if your berth has a 240v hook up facility, then you can use this to power your heating instead of the diesel.

Your heating can be linked to a timer, so enabling you to programme it to turn on/off to suit your work/leisure patterns.  This can be programmed 7 days in advance, so that if you are only using your boat at weekends, it can be timed to cut in on these days only.

The same calorifier/ebespatcher system can also provide your hot water supply, which also has an in-built emersion heater to take advantage of a shoreline facility.

Hot water is piped to all wash basin and shower/bath facilities.

Attractive, economical lighting is achieved via the presence of LED spots recessed into the ceiling at regular intervals.  These are supplemented with reading spots in the bedrooms.

wall light  wall lights

Additional low level lights can also be fitted as well as wall lights.


reading spots  spot lights

The LED systems can be linked to a remote fob so that if approaching your boat in the dark, you can turn on your lights to help you find your vessel and then safely climb aboard.