Living Features

As space is a premium in such a confined space, many clients opt for a combined dining, sofa facility, which also offers an occasional double bed.

Our base cushions are made from Dacron and the backs are made from fibre.  This is the typical specification for home soft furnishings and so gives the sumptuous depth and comfort sought after a long day’s cruising or hard day at work.

Clients then chose from a wide selection of coverings to match their décor and curtains, including leather, velours and robust fabrics.


living area fabrics

The table, often made from the same wood as the interior décor, stows away under the gunwale when not in use and usually comes with 2 leg options, 1 for dining and 1 for bed mode. 

living area fabrics

Some clients prefer a more open plan layout, with individual reclining chairs and a bar dining facility or gate fold table integrated within with the side wall.  Again we work with you to develop the living area that fulfils your requirements.

living area living area 

Other considerations for your living area include:

  • Fireplace, you may want this to be a major feature with canopy and showcase multi fuel stove, or a subtle corner area. 
  • Audio-visual, here we can provide 32” plasma TV that fits flush against the wall and includes surround sound.  Alternatively you may want a more traditional in-built cabinet housing TV with DVD and freesat facilities, as well as stereo with CD player, MP3/I-Pod connectivity and digital radio.
  • Library, the underside of the gunwale lends itself beautifully to a library facility.

 stove stove