Mechanics and Auxiliary

Engines and Gearboxes
A popular choice is the Vetus package, comprising:

Vetus M4.17  42hp  engine
•    Gearbox PRM 150 2:1 hydraulic
•    5 year warranty on engine
•    17” 3-blade propeller
•    Bow thrusters 55 kgf with switch panel and battery charger
•    Exhaust system 24” dry silencer
•    Alternators twin 110A

Should you prefer a more traditional unit, such as a Russell Newbury, then we would be delighted to work with you and them on the development of a bespoke unit to your requirements.

If you require something in between, such as the market leader, Beta Marine, then again we can fit this for you. 

Auxiliary Power Aids
It is usual for most clients to have a battery bank of 4 leisure and 1 starter, though some will have as many as 6 leisure.  What is important to ensure here is that all batteries are charged to their maximum in order to ensure that when used after cruising they will not let you down.

Therefore as well as having an effective charging system, you also want readers that give you accurate information on which batteries are charged and to what level etc.

As most clients also want a 240v facility to run off their battery bank, we recommend a Victron 3000watt inverter with linked battery management system.

Given that many moorings now come with a 240v hook up facility, we also provide a shoreline facility.

Narrow boats can be awkward to handle in confined spaces, such as tight marinas or waters with a strong current.  We can help here by fitting bow thrusters.

These can either be small electric units located at each bow, ideal for when an occasional or short thrust is needed.  Or hydraulic units driven directly from the engine if the units will need to be extensively used.

Once again, we would discuss your cruising expectations and then identify which type of bow thrusters would be most appropriate for your needs and your budget.

Stern Gear
This is usually specified by our engine supplier to ensure that the relationship between engine and vessel is harmonious.  Again, should you have particular requirements, then we will work with you and the engine supplier to ensure that they will provide optimum, efficient performance.