Individual Interiors

It is the decor that really creates the individual boat and the sky is the limit with regards to options here.
Solid panels with complimentary trim are typically the most popular choice as they help to create the feeling of space within the narrow interior.  These may be left natural or whole or partially painted.

   interior   interior

Other clients have selected tongue and groove as this also helps to create the illusion of more space.

interior   interior

Other discussed options have included papered panels and textile lower sides for additional comfort and warmth.

Within bathroom areas clients usually opt for tiled or solid veneer finishes so that they can combine a pleasing finish with practical cleaning.

    bathroom  bathroom

To compliment the interior decor flooring is an important consideration.  Most customers appreciate that even if they have a static live-aboard mooring the overall environment can still be muddy in the winter months and so they opt for floors that both look good and are easy to clean.

Consequently our selection of bamboo floors have been very popular as they combine a large choice of finishes with durability:

            bamboo  bamboo

For customers with crew and pets, then a hard wearing laminate floor has been their solution:

laminate laminate

Some customers desire the feel of the real thing and so our American Oak floors have been their solution,  providing excellent value for money for a solid wooden floor:

      wooden floor woden floor

Within galley and especially bathroom areas we recommend a tiled solution to withstand major spills.  In the case of the latter some customers opt for an anti-slip solution.

   antislip  antislip  antislip

Important finishing touches include mood lighting, designer radiators, headboards and window coverings:

    lighting lighting lighting

    lighting shutters table

    radiator radiator