Start To Finish

boat arrival  spray foam

The boats arrive from Stourport Canal Craft as a steel shell.  We then get to work on preparing the engine bay and the flooring.

exterior  foam

The sides and roof are battoned and spray foam is added before cutting out the windows.

Foam interior

Although it doesn’t look much, fitting the dividing walls and wiring for electrics and utilities is very time consuming.


The water tank is fitted and pipes laid for water and central heating and then the walls and roof are boarded as the inside really starts to take shape. 

work in progress  work in progress

The framework begins for the building of cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen and bathroom units etc.  Whilst the outside is prepared for painting and sign writing.

work in progress  boarding

framework  framework

framework  framework

The customer's chosen bathroom is fitted and tiled

shower  bathroom

Kitchen units are built

kitchen  kitchen

kitchen  kitchen

The customer's chosen appliances and finishing touches are added to complete the project

lights and shutters  soft furnishings

bathroom  kitchen

bed  sailing