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To give clients the ultimate confidence with regards to boat knowledge and the security of their money, Perrydale Narrowboats have appointed broker Sammy Rose of Ashwood Marina to represent them. 

Sammy Rose is a boater and has been one all of her life, having been born on a narrowboat.  As such she is able to work with clients to develop their perfect specification.  As part of this she offers practical advice on how ideas will work within the confines of a narrow boat and also when the clients eventually come to sell, how well will their ideas appeal to the general market. 

Ashwood Marina is a member of British Marine Boat Brokers and Retailers and subsequently use contracts supplied by them as well as a formal Client Trust Account for all payments.  This means that whilst clients pay in instalments of 20% of the project value, payments to Perrydale are made weekly in line with materials purchased and work undertaken, leaving the balance safely in the Client Trust Account still in the client’s name. 

Click here for a copy of the formal contract.  

As part of the formal contract a schedule is created giving precise detail on what is agreed for each part of the boat.  As the build journey progresses and changes are inevitably made these are updated on the schedule, which is then re-sent to the client.  As such during the build journey the schedule grows from a few pages to multiple pages. 

Click here for an example copy of a starter schedule.  

Another part of the contract is the financial statement.  Initially this presents the agreed build cost and if clients then decide to change or add to the specification it details any additional costs to be added or subtractions to be made. 

Both the schedule and financial statement are reviewed as part of each progress meeting.  For clients that live further away progress meetings may be done via live chats with video link across the internet

Crick - Sam & Nic

From right to left, Sammy Rose with Nikki Perry on the Perrydale stand at Crick Boat Show

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