Boat Refits

Love your boat but feel that it is looking tired?  We can provide the solution ranging from a partial to total re-fit. Want a brand new boat on a limited budget? Finding an older boat with a quality shell and engine package, then having it stripped out and re-fitted to your bespoke requirements could be the answer. 

Customers looking for re-fits are often doing this for a variety of reasons including:  The boat has great sentimentality but is in need of an internal update; this could be a total make over or they are happy with much of their interior but would like to modernise elements, typically the galley and/or bathroom. 

For customers new to boating who like the idea of a bespoke boat but don’t want to make a big financial commitment at this stage; a re-fit gives the best of both worlds – a boat with character that has a modern and comfortable make over. 

As well as Narrowboats we can re-fit river boats and cruisers. For an introductory re-fit flier click here.